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Alain Le clere From Paris in France

Published by: Alain Le clere on 22-Jun-24 Review - What Users Say? Review - What Users Say?

What Users Say About... Review

Tags:  Internet Marketing

5/525 votes

Last update: 2024-06-22

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104 Followers   1 Review

Last Update: 2024-06-22 Review: A Reliable and Comprehensive Online Business Platform

I've been using for several years, and it has become an indispensable part of my online business toolkit.

Here's a detailed review of my experience with the platform:

Overview is a comprehensive online business platform that provides a wide range of tools and resources designed to help internet marketers and online business owners succeed. With a strong focus on training, traffic generation, and lead management, Worldprofit offers a complete suite of services that cater to both beginners and experienced marketers.

Key Features

Training and Support: One of the standout features of Worldprofit is its extensive training program. The platform offers a vast library of video tutorials, webinars, and live training sessions hosted by experienced marketers. This continuous learning environment ensures that users are always up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies and techniques.

Traffic Generation: Worldprofit excels in traffic generation, providing numerous tools to drive targeted traffic to your website. Their ad placement services, traffic exchanges, and solo ad programs are highly effective in attracting visitors who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

Lead Management: The platform's lead management system is robust and user-friendly. It allows you to capture, organize, and nurture leads efficiently.


Comprehensive Training: The quality and breadth of training resources are exceptional, ensuring that users have access to the knowledge they need to succeed.

Effective Traffic Tools: The various traffic generation tools are highly effective in driving quality traffic to your site.

User-Friendly Interface: The platform is easy to navigate, even for those who are not tech-savvy.

Reliable Support: The customer support team is responsive and knowledgeable, providing assistance whenever needed.


Learning Curve: For complete beginners, the sheer amount of information and tools available can be overwhelming at first. However, the structured training helps mitigate this issue over time.

Cost: While the services offered are comprehensive, they come at a price. However, the value provided justifies the investment for serious marketers.

Conclusion is a powerful platform that offers everything you need to build and grow a successful online business. Its extensive training resources, effective traffic generation tools, and robust lead management system make it an excellent choice for both new and experienced marketers. While there is a learning curve and a cost associated with the service, the benefits far outweigh these considerations. If you're serious about making money online, is a platform worth considering.

Is this review useful?Yes 1


5.0 2024-06-22 3

Bruce Taylor

1988 Followers   1 Review

Last Update: 2021-12-02

I joined Worldprofit on 3 September 2018, but I glanced over the website, assumed that it was a "garden variety" company, just trying to sell a bunch of stuff.

So, I pretty much ignored the company for the first several months, but I eventually came to understand that my first impression was completely wrong.

Once I started actually examining the program, researching the tools that were provided - and actually working with the system - my perception completely changed!

In this review, I'm going to present facts, features and benefits of Worldprofit that are not obvious at first glance.

My first clue, as to the value of Worldprofit, is that I found that almost every time I started "digging around the site", I discovered a new benefit that I hadn't seen before.

In fact, several times I paid for a program that was already available to me for free, as a paid member of Worldprofit.

Let's look at some specific examples.

Here, in a nutshell, is the model used by the majority of profitable Internet Marketers. Advertise to give away something for free (most often, an e-book, report, blueprint or some other downloadable digital product) in order to collect the email address of a prospect.

Once you have an email list, only then do you offer to sell something. Only about every 5th email should be an offer to sell anything. This means that about 80% of your broadcast emails should be something genuinely useful, valuable and informative.

In other words sell to your list, not to your ads.

Obviously, this is "email marketing" and requires the use of an autoresponder.

This is, of course, an oversimplification of the process. I just attempted to tell you in a few sentences what many marketing courses and "gurus" charge money for you to learn.

Now, in order to actually do this, you need a lot of marketing tools, and the knowledge/skill to use them.

You need an autoresponder, squeeze pages, products/services to sell, graphics, a way to promote to build your mailing list, free products to give away... And a lot of other stuff. If you still think that you need all this stuff, it's because you haven't been marketing for very long. People, that have been in business for a while, know that I'm telling you the truth.

I am well aware that probably a majority of marketing programs try to tell you that you can just pay for a magic button, program or company that will do all this for you, without you doing any work or research, if you just give them some money.

How's that working for you?

It's not working at all for 95% of would be marketers, because only about 5% of them are actually earning a profit.

For one thing, if you do not own and control your mailing list, then ultimately - you lose! The company (or the world or the market) changes, or even if you just change your mind... You go back to square one, and start over.

To come to the point, Worldprofit is a marketing platform that provides ALL of the tools you need, to market YOUR business.

This includes:
  • An autoresponder, Landing Pages, graphics builder, etc./li>
  • Safelists, Classified Ads, dozens of ad examples, banners etc.
  • More than 200 PLR books and courses, to offer to your customers for free
  • Numerous forms of advertising that you can use for yourself AND earn commissions on by offering them to your leads.
  • Training (in easy to use modular videos) and high quality support.
  • Too much more to talk about in this introduction

It's not free, simple and easy.

But it is affordable, understandable and achievable.

It takes time, work and study.

When you are ready to move to the next level, Worldprofit is a good option.

My "Amazing Discoveries"

It embarrasses me to admit this, but here are the most important things that I learned from my experience with Worldprofit.

1. "Everybody Knows" that the "money is in the list". But, stated another way, this means that "you don't make any money unless you actually HAVE a list! " It was only until I had about 1000 people on my mailing list that I started making a profit.

2, My second realization was that when I doubled the size of my list, I doubled my income!

The reason why I'm embarrassed to admit this, is that Worldprofit is all about "list building". You learn HOW and WHY to use promotion, landing pages, autoresponders and numerous marketing tools to build your list. Why this is so hard for people to comprehend, I don't know, but I guess you have to experience it to believe it.

My recommendation is that, if you want to create a profitable business, then get started today, learning to build your own mailing list, and how to use it.

What I Like

One thing that I found really frustrating (in my "home-business" marketing) is that no matter what I wanted to do, I had to buy other programs and spend weeks trying to figure out how to get anything done.

With Worldprofit, even though I'm promoting some business other than Worldprofit, every tool that I need is already available to me without any additional expense.

And, just as important, the SUPPORT is there, 24 hours per day. I can contact support, or go directly to the Live Business Center to get advice from one of my fellow marketers (the "Monitors" in the LBC are all fellow members). In addition, there is a training video for almost anything you can think of.

Products and services to sell, many forms of advertising, graphics, squeeze pages, training and guidance, web hosting, Wordpress blogs... Everything! It's all right there.

The value of Worldprofit is that all the marketing tools you need are at your command... To empower you to build not my business, or even Worldprofit's business - YOUR business, the way YOU want it!

What I Dislike

The one thing that I find most discouraging is that it takes a long time to build up your mailing list to the point where you are breaking even. I joined in 2018, and I just reached about 1000 people on my mailing list. If I knew then, what I know now, I would have been more focused and efficient. To start making a good income, you need (in my opinion) at least 10,000 people on your list!

Thanks to Worldprofit, I now know how to accomplish this.

In my experience, the major stumbling block for this program is that people want and expect a significant paycheck the first month. That is not a reasonable and realistic expectation. Here's why:

In Internet Marketing, you only earn a profit when you sell to your list. Do you actually have a list? Then, sorry to be the messenger of bad news, but you are not going to make a profit.

It takes time to create your mailing list! First, you need a lot of knowledge to understand how email marketing works. Then you need autoresponder messages, landing pages etc. Once all that is set up you have to advertise to get people to opt in to your lists, and you need thousands of people on your list. This takes time, work and effort!

If you find this little bit of information discouraging... Well... Welcome to the real world!

Do not expect a free ride. There is no free lunch. There are no short cuts. There is no push-button, magic fairy-land program where you get rich without doing any work.

The good news is that Worldprofit will teach you HOW to do all of this and more. Plus ALL the marketing tools you need (including multiple forms of inexpensive and effective advertising, web hosting and virtually any thing else you can think of) are available in one place.

Also, once you have gained this knowledge, ability and experience - THEN you can do this with almost ANY business.

In my viewpoint, if you are not using an autoresponder, and building your own mailing list - then you are losing money, not making it.

If you're not ready to invest the time, work and effort... good luck with that!

Worldprofit is not free, but the best way to proceed is to join on a monthly basis, to see if this is what you really want to do. If you decide to continue, watch for the best price on a yearly subscription. You can save more than 50% by waiting for the best value.

In my experience, the best way to view Worldprofit is this:

I know that people start a business because they want to EARN money immediately. It's a lot more realistic to make your initial goal to BREAK EVEN.

Why? Imagine having all the marketing knowledge, tools & techniques (along with the support, guidance & advice) of Worldprofit available to you - and it's paying for itself! Once you hit that threshold then the sky is the limit, because you just need to keep doing what you're already doing, to keep growing your income.

And, remember... You don't even have to be promoting Worldprofit. You decide what programs, products & services you want to promote. If your focus changes, you still have your mailing list. Your mailing list IS your business, and your business IS your mailing list.

Final Verdict

Worldprofit is to empower YOU to do what YOU want to do!

Alternate viewpoint: Imagine if all the benefits of Worldprofit are available to you for free! (because the money you earn with Worldprofit is covering your monthly subscription! )

If you're looking for a free ride... Dream On! But if you're ready, willing and able to put the work, time and imagination into building a reality-based business this is the right investment for you.

Is this review useful?Yes 6


5.0 2021-12-02 4

Tamara Dixon

19 Followers   1 Review

Last Update: 2022-04-02

My experience with the program so far

I've been using WorldProfit as a Free Member since last year, and it does help me get free clicks to my site.

What I Like
  • I like using this website where you can promote your site or affiliate link by placing your ad in Free Classifieds Ads.
  • There's support team that can help you if your having any issue.
  • Get you free traffic to your website.

What I Dislike
  • You will be given ten credits to use when posting classified ads by browsing other ads in order to boost exposure and traffic to your business.
  • If you upgrade to Premium, you will be able to use Solo Ads to increase traffic to your website.
  • The Silver Membership is $99 per month to unlock other features such as the 10 DFY (doneforyou) sales funnels and online training course.
  • You earn more commissions when you upgrade to Silver Membership.
  • The Platinum VIP Membership costs $149 per month
  • When you sign up for the Platinum VIP Membership, the website is extremely outdated and difficult to navigate.

Final Verdict

I don't believe this platform will help you get traffic to your website or affiliate link quickly. I do not recommend spending a lot of money to upgrade to the Silver Membership or the Platinum VIP Membership.

Is this review useful?Yes 4


3.0 2022-04-02 4

Nandkishore Deopersad

218 Followers   1 Review

Last Update: 2024-05-20

My experience with the program so far is an online business opportunity that enables individuals to make money from home. It offers a variety of products and services to help individuals to start and grow their own home businesses. The company has been in business since 1994 and has established itself as one of the most reliable and successful companies in the home business industry. World Profit is the only community I have found that truly has a live support person on-camera 24/7 called the live business center who can address your questions immediately. The company offers services such as website hosting, affiliate marketing, sales training, website management, business center, tech support, and more. If you are looking for a marketing community that could help you get back up to speed on how online marketing is done today. Well, World Profit is the place to be. You can try the system for free and see the almost endless tools you can use to promote your existing website as well as WorldProfit itself. For over 28 years Worldprofit Inc. Has provided specialized software, training, hosting, training webinars, and marketing support for the home-based and affiliate marketing industry. World Profit is the only community that has been there before GOOGLE. The company was founded in 1994. And has over 2 million followers.

What I Like

It is not a scam it is Free To Join and YOU GET a Super BONUS of 90 Days of FREE SEO Optimizer Membership a Search Engine with Classifieds, and of course SEO help for any website!

You also get a free Traffic Package of 50,000 Visitors and a FREE Mini blog at NO Cost.

You also get a 580 plus eBook/Product Vault which you can Download at NO Cost and it's Updated Every Month! There is also a world-profit Adstream where you can post Unlimited Ads for FREE! and also Post Classified Ads to OVER 5,000 Sites with ONE Click!

You also get 18 FREE Lifetime traffic Memberships Including 500,000 Advertising Credits to get you started!

You can upgrade to Silver Membership or Platinum VIP Membership to unlock premium features such as Ruby Solo, Traffic Blaster, sales funnels, higher commissions, training, and much more. also includes an automated lead generation system, an auto-responder system, a digital shopping cart, and other tools to help entrepreneurs build a successful online business.

What I Dislike

Presently I do not dislike anything about the website the platform is a legitimate place to start an online business.

Final Verdict is a reputable company that is focused on empowering individuals to start an online business, it has a powerful marketing system, and a strong customer support team available 24/7, for beginners AND EXPERIENCED MARKETERS

Is this review useful?Yes


5.0 2024-05-20 3

Ronald Lentz

278 Followers   1 Review

Last Update: 2020-10-30

"My name is Ronald Lentz. I am now going into my third year as a Platinum VIP Member at Worldprofit! From my point of view this membership is the sanest choice one can make on the Internet! That's if you are really serious about creating an online business that has a chance of surviving! Past the original illusions (I believe many have)about how easy it is to make a living online. Worldprofit is the reality, the vehicle, the tools, the support, and the education. Lesson Three is definitely the key and fuel to make what ever it is you want to make happen come to life on line. I am just now starting to get a grasp on just how valuable this membership is in so, so many ways.

What a great group, amazing source of education, tools and a platform to run it all! The platform helps so much to keep some sort of order in all the parts and pieces that go together to make a virtual business. Then keep it organized and under control. Then there is the folks who did all the hard work to make this available to others.

These are truly Trustworthy, Good People! If you listen, you will hear a very real desire to help and see that you survive on line. I cannot think of any reason why some one who is really interested in winning online would not become at least a silver member. The value is beyond the small cost to do this. If you compare this to cost of having a business in the material world.

There could be no other choice, it is a win win on a grand scale with so much value for so little.

It takes a little bit of time for the value of Worldprofit membership to become clear! Once you see it though, you will know there is no other resource like this that I know of online! I have been online since the Internet's creation, and I have never been happier with an online service in this life time. I know in my soul I am going to become a success online and this Worldprofit group is the right tool to make that so. "Thank you Ronald Lentz "

- Ronald Lentz Winston-Salem, NC

PS: Just ONE MINUTE from now YOU can be profiting...
... Without spending a single PENNY.

Or, you can join my team and get your own individual hosted World-Prpfit site with many tools, many offers and products to sell, AND live Monitors to Close Your Deals! Place and Advertise Your Business Here...

We have been online over 20 years...

Also, I am offering a free 10mins phone Consult:


Is this review useful?Yes 1


5.0 2020-10-30 3

Ashleigh Jackson

1 Review

Last Update: 2021-02-02

So far I have had an amazing experience.

What I Like

I like how they have step by step videos that show you how to make more money.

What I Dislike

I don't like how you have to pay for certain packages.

Final Verdict

Overall I like the free program.

Is this review useful?Yes 2


4.0 2021-02-02 1

Deshon Jenkins

226 Followers   1 Review

View my top recommendations

My Top Recommendations

Last Update: 2023-04-04

As a Platinum Member, I have been with World Profit since Aug 2020.

I absolutely love this incredible business platform.

World Profit gives me everything I need and more. I am talking about a website, traffic, trackers, training, and much more. I mean you name it they have it.

I encourage everyone to join and use the free membership to get to know the system and then when you are ready, upgrade to the Silver or Platinum membership.

World Profit is definitely worth it and I will be with them until I am too old and broken down to see a screen or type on a keyboard.

Is this review useful?Yes 1


5.0 2023-04-04 2


1 Review

Last Update: 2021-04-26

I joined WorldProfit like many other programmes with a motto to get traffic to my blog. Without much more hope I just added my blog link and forget it. Surprisingly, I started getting hundreds of traffic to my blog on the very same day. It made me think again about WorldProfit.

After the initial somewhat success I log in again to WorldProfit to know more about it.

I found the following benefits I can take from WorldProfit.
  1. 50,000 guaranteed free visitors. Till now I have got 27063 visitors from WorldProfit after joining in Aug 2018. Despite that, I'm lazy and as human behaviour, we love free things but we don't care for free things. I have not to log in many times nor I have the care to make my URL active all the time. You can change the URL anytime.
  2. 90 days free SEO optimizer membership is a great SEO help for my website. The ranking of my website is increasing day by day.
  3. Over 400 eBook libraries free to download eBooks at no cost and use it anywhere. And these are updated every month.
  4. I can place unlimited free classified ads. I have placed one ad and received 270 views and 160 clicks. This show the power of placing a classified ad at WorldProfit classified Ads. I have to watch 10 classified ads or upgrade my account to a VIP silver or platinum membership to renew it. As a freebie, I can take advantage of the Goody bag which includes, multiple commission from 18 sites from where I can get traffic as well as I can earn a referral commission.
  5. Solo email blaster is another advantage where I can send my mail to 3000 members every three days. I'm using it occasionally and getting more traffic.
  6. A free mini blog can be created for your affiliated product or directing towards your website.
  7. You can earn a referral commission by inviting others.

Still many more benefits I have to explore and utilize.

What I Like

I like the concept of getting free traffic from not only WorldProfit but also from 20 other associated sites. I know I'm not properly utilizing the potential of this site.

What I Dislike

A few things I dislike about it is watching the video for 10 minutes one time to know the benefits of upgrading the account and every time I log in I have to go through the offers to upgrade although I admit that the benefits are much more after upgrading.

I also dislike that my URL get paused if I don't log in for few days. I have to make active

Final Verdict

If you are struggling to get traffic to your website WorldProfit is one of the best sites. If you can upgrade you can get more benefits.

Is this review useful?Yes 2


5.0 2021-04-26 4

Tanya Brown

237 Followers   1 Review

View my top recommendations

My Top Recommendations

Last Update: 2022-03-23

My experience with WorldProfit has been educational and rewarding.

I joined WorldProfit 2/22 and was amazed and excited about all of the services and products under one platform. They offer all the tools you need to start or help you grow an online business under one big umbrella. WorldProfit offers a lot of great things to FREE members. Here are just a few of the highlights:
  • 5% commissions on sales
  • Solo email 30,000 per month
  • 50,000 visitors to any website

There are even more fantastic services and digital products when you upgrade to Silver or Platinum membership. At the current time I have a Silver membership and love all the benefits I am receiving. A couple of my favorites are being able to send email every 3 days to around 9,000 prospects and $5,000 in advertising and traffic. I was given a website that they host which is plug and play. I don't need to know any coding to make changes or add different widgets. It is not enough characters allowed for me to describe all the ways to earn an income, build a downline, training lessons and tools to promote my other programs.

I am definitely looking forward to upgrading to Platinum.

What I Like

I like they have the Live Business center to close sales in getting your referrals to upgrade. They also have support available 365 days 24/7 to assist with any questions or technical issues you may encounter. I have needed technical support and submitted a ticket and received assistance or response to my questions in a timely manner. I also like as a Silver member I am able to attend live training every Friday morning and get my questions answered.

What I Dislike

The only thing I dislike is not knowing about them sooner.

Final Verdict

WorldProfit is a one stop shop with everything someone needs to start or grow any business. It is an excellent place for newbies to start and a great place for seasoned marketers whether you remain a FREE member or upgrade.

Is this review useful?Yes 1


5.0 2022-03-23 4


49 Followers   31 Reviews

View my top recommendations

My Top Recommendations

Last Update: 2023-11-13

My experience with the program so far:

I joined WorldProfit with the primary goal of driving traffic to my website. With limited expectations, I simply added my blog link and left it at that. To my astonishment, on the very same day, I began receiving hundreds of visitors to my blog. This unexpected outcome compelled me to reconsider the value of WorldProfit.

I found a lot of benefits that WorldProfit offers:
  • Unlimited Free Classified Ads: Placing classified ads on WorldProfit has proved to be powerful. I posted a single ad and received 270 views and 160 clicks. This demonstrates the effectiveness of WorldProfit's classified ads. As a free member, I can enjoy the Goody bag, which includes multiple commissions from 18 sites, offering both traffic and referral commissions.
  • Solo Email Blaster: The solo email blaster feature allows me to send my emails to 3,000 members every three days. I've been using this tool occasionally and have seen a significant increase in traffic as a result.
  • Free Mini Blog: I can create a free mini blog to promote my affiliated products or direct visitors to my website, enhancing my online presence.
  • Referral Commissions: By inviting others to join WorldProfit, I have the opportunity to earn referral commissions, making it a potential income source.
  • 50,000 Guaranteed Free Visitors: Since joining in August 2018, I've received 27,063 visitors from WorldProfit. It's a reminder that, as humans, we often appreciate free things but tend to overlook them. Even though I haven't been consistently logging in or keeping my URL active, I've had the flexibility to change my URL whenever I wish.
  • 90 Days of Free SEO Optimizer Membership: This membership has been a tremendous help for optimizing my website's SEO. I've noticed a steady increase in my website's ranking.
  • Over 400 eBook Library: WorldProfit provides access to a vast library of eBooks that I can download and use freely. The best part is that this collection is updated every month, ensuring a wealth of valuable resources.

What I Like:
  • Comprehensive Toolset: Worldprofit offers a robust suite of marketing tools, including an autoresponder, landing page creators, and graphics builders. These tools are available at no extra cost, making it cost-effective for business promotion.
  • Support Availability: Worldprofit provides exceptional 24/7 support. The Live Business Center allows you to interact with fellow marketers, known as Monitors, who can offer guidance and advice whenever you need it.
  • Abundant Training Resources: The platform offers an extensive library of training resources, including training videos covering various aspects of online marketing. This valuable resource equips users with the knowledge and skills necessary for success.
  • Flexibility in Business Promotion: Worldprofit doesn't limit you to promoting their services exclusively. You have the freedom to promote any business of your choice, utilizing the tools and resources provided by the platform.
  • List Building Emphasis: Worldprofit emphasizes the importance of list building in internet marketing. This understanding is crucial, as it highlights that the real value lies in having a substantial mailing list.

What I Dislike:

I didn't find any.

Final Verdict:

In conclusion, WorldProfit has proven to be more than a simple traffic-driving platform. It's a comprehensive toolkit for online marketers, offering valuable insights and tools for building a successful business. While it may not be a free ride, it's a realistic and attainable investment for those who are willing to put in the work and dedication. This platform, with its hidden treasures and valuable insights, is a true asset for online entrepreneurs.

Is this review useful?Yes


5.0 2023-11-13 4

Henrico Ellis

20 Followers   3 Reviews

View my top recommendations

My Top Recommendations

Last Update: 2024-01-28

My experience with the program so far

I've been using World Profit for the last 30 days and I must say my captures pages have exposed with buckets of free traffic to my offers. Not only does World Profit give you access to thousands of buyer leads. They also have training for even the newest affiliate or internet marketer to get traffic to their websites.

If you are struggling to get traffic to your captures pages or just don't have a huge advertising budget then World Profit may just be the answer to your traffic worries. I the last 30 days I've followed the blue print in the training and have hundreds of daily hits to my business opportunities. My days of struggling to get eye balls on my offers are over.

What I Like

What like most about World Profit is that it is newbie friendly and once you set everything up, you can get traffic on 100% autopilot without lifting a finger. All you have to do is ensure you are funneling your leads into an autoresponder so that you can build a relationship with your leads.

With so much traffic options I recommend anyone deciding to use World Profit to learn how to drive traffic to ensure they have a proper sales funnel setup to convert the high volume of leads that they will get. I currently averaging about 100 to 200 clicks per day which generate me about 20 - 30 leads into my autoresponder.

All you'll have to do from there is convert your leads by building a relationship.

What I Dislike

There isn't much I dislike about World Profit, but if I had to choose I would say in the beginning a new person may get overwhelm with so much free and paid traffic options. But once you follow the step-by-step training you're all set. Additionally it may take about two to third day to get all your traffic sources set up. But it's worth it in the end.

Final Verdict

My final verdict is that World Profit is the ultimate traffic getting website. Don't be fooled by the basic website layout as the website and owners have been around generating traffic for the last 29 years at the time I'm writing this review. So they have mastered a thing or two when it comes to getting traffic to your captures pages. IF your still struggling to drive massive traffic to your captures pages then World Profit is the best place to start.

Is this review useful?Yes


5.0 2024-01-28 3

Bill Darton

2701 Followers   1 Review

View my top recommendations

My Top Recommendations

Last Update: 2023-12-01

Worldprofit began in 1994 but I joined them in 2016. At the time, I had enough Internet Marketing experience to recognize what a powerful system they had put together.

There's really not a lot to do to get everything setup. The company makes it pretty easy for you. Just fill out your profile, grab your affiliate links and start promoting with the recommended advertising resources (they call them "20+ Traffic Streams").

Worldprofit's generosity towards their Free Associates was so impressive that it naturally made me curious to see how generous they would be with their upgrade offer. They did not disappoint!

Worldprofit's Silver Dealer program provides absolutely everything needed to build a strong and profitable online business. And that's not by accident, George Kosch specifically designed the system to be all-inclusive.

I upgraded the same night I joined and that one decision has allowed me to build consistent sales and ongoing profits.

What I Like...

As I said, the company is very generous with their affiliates and that generosity also extends to the customers as well.

They have a team of experienced members who host the site from inside the member's area - they are called Live Monitors. The really cool thing about the Live Monitors is that they are there to close sales for you.

Aside from answering questions your referrals questions, they also have all sorts of bonuses, incentives and enticements to encourage your referrals to at least try the Silver Dealer membership.

Another thing I like is that the Associate Membership is free for life. It's not a free trial. They won't kick you out after 30 days if you don't upgrade. This is good because your referrals are tied to your account for as long as they maintain their membership.

Free associates typically signup through one of many different offers for free traffic, advertising credits or leads of some sort. The offers are very generous and may even include traffic and credits from sites other than Worldprofit.

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Jim Finch

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Last Update: 2022-06-28

My experience with the program so far has been nothing but pure success.

What I Like

What I like best about Worldprofit is how the members will help each other and the entire organization is geared to help you be successful in all your other affiliate programs. They provide all the tools imaginable and training to be successful. There is not another web site out there where the owners make you feel at ease and give you the individual attention you need.

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5.0 2022-06-28 3

Glen Palo

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Last Update: 2022-10-11

Worldprofit, Inc. Is a 27-year-old, A+ BBB accredited business providing training, resources, and support to help motivated individuals build real, successful online businesses.

My experience with the program so far

I joined Worldprofit in November 2016 as a free associate to take advantage of the free traffic package Worldprofit offers to induce people to watch their Live Business Center demonstration. Since I had an established, profitable online business, I was not interested in the Worldprofit paid membership. I already had the business tools I needed to run my business.

During the summer of 2019, I took another look at the Worldprofit business solutions with the objective of lowering my current business costs. My website hosting, autoresponder, and other business costs had risen. To make a long story short, I upgraded to the Worldprofit Silver membership in October 2019. I subsequently, upgraded to Worldprofit Platinum VIP membership in November 2019 and recently renewed my membership for another year.

What I Like

What I like most about Worldprofit is that it is a one-stop business solution company.

Worldprofit has an extensive list of business products including website hosting, autoresponder, lead capture page builders, graphics tools, advertising, and more.

Worldprofit offers an amazing quantity of free advertising as an incentive and a "thank you" for prospective members watching a short demonstration of our system making money for members. As I stated earlier, I joined as a free member to grab all the free advertising.

Finally, I like the free weekly live webinar training upgraded members get. If a member misses the training, replays are available to watch.

What I Dislike

Because Worldprofit has such a large amount of business tools and advertising available to members, Worldprofit sends a lot of emails to members. I use a separate Google Gmail account specifically for WP email.

Final Verdict

I wish I had upgraded my Worldprofit membership sooner instead of waiting 3 years.

Some people consider the cost of the Worldprofit upgrades too high. However, I DO NOT considering I cancelled my separate autoresponder, graphics package, website hosting, tracking services to use the ones available in the Worldprofit membership.

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5.0 2022-10-11 4

Sandi Flink

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Last Update: 2022-11-04

My experience with the program so far

My experience with this program has been wonderful! Before joining, I knew I was missing pieces of the puzzle for generating income online. With this system those missing pieces are now filled. It's amazing that people really can have an online business and make predictable passive income. Don't be fooled it does take some work, it's not hard work, but you do have to be consistent and committed to it.

What I Like

I like that everything I need to be a successful online marketer is all in one business center. The list of tools and services I've used prior to joining Worldprofit are presently under review. This is actually downsizing the overall footprint of my business and saving money. I especially like that, since we're all here to make money.

OH My Gosh let's not forget about the Monitors in the Live Business Center.

What a genius idea! Monitor are available 24 x 7 to answer questions, and my favorite, upgrade Free Members to either Silver and Platinum VIP Members. This really helps all of us concentrate more on generating leads.

What I Dislike

The only thing I dislike, it's not even a dislike... There's so much in the business center sometimes I get lost and can't find what I'm looking for. I have found my favorite tools and services and have become very familiar with the business center and where items are located now.

Final Verdict

If you are an affiliate, network and/or internet marketer this business center could be exactly what you are looking for to organize and expand your business building efforts. I know it's helped me to capture leads and build my own list.

The training inside is awesome, every service and tool has it's own help video.

There are getting started training videos which are a must see! And then there are weekly trainings for upgraded members.

Worldprofit is Free to join! The upgraded versions are better, but not required

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4.0 2022-11-04 3

Willie Bert

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Last Update: 2024-01-11

My experience with the program so far has been phenomenal. Nothing is left to figure out. The platform is so complete, the only reason you join any other programs is just to add other streams of income. Not that it is needed. Every tool imaginable is available. They have the unique tools, services and resources you need to grow your own successful affiliate marketing or home based business. For 25+ years, they've specialized in creating and supporting business owners from all corners of the world.

Here's what you get:

Ultimate Marketing Tools For Every Marketer

Best Sales Training Course Anywhere Online

PLUS -- download over 400 cutting edge ebooks, websites and more FREE!

Sign up and get started in under ONE minute!

As a BONUS they will direct 50,000 visitors to ANY URL just to show you what they can do. No Charge...

I have been a member for over a year and haven't found anything I don't Like.

If you are serious about building your own business. You can't go wrong with Worldprofit. This review really doesn't do justice, because there are so much more to Worldprofit that just has to be experienced.

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5.0 2024-01-11 3

Denise Cl

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Last Update: 2022-08-02

My experience with the program so far with world profit.

I've joined worldprofit as a free associate in December 2020 and wished I found this program sooner! After a few months in the program , I upgraded to a silver and then platinum membership because of the great results I was getting. Worldprofit is a great business platform that has over 27 years of online success. In fact, Worldprofit has the distinction as being a business platform that was in existence when the internet was just developing!

I really like so many options available on the platform its hard to get started. I really like the free affiliate training. Apparently most persons are doing it wrong when it comes to promoting affiliate products/ programs. You have to build a list first, then when you build your list , then you can sell your products to your list!

Speaking of products, Worldprofit has a PLR product vault with over 500 products. As a free associate you can download the products to use, but if you're an upgraded silver or platinum member, you can download and sell and keep all the money. In fact there is over 10,000 different ways for you to create a home income with Worldprofit.

World profit really teaches that promoting is the key to growing an online business. And its easy with numerous land pages available with your affiliate link embedded in the landing page. There are also banners, a landing page builder, for upgraded members : bonus goodies like promo codes to boost your safelist / ad exchange traffic power and allows you to grab thousands of dollars of free traffic and advertising to your site(s).

Some other great features are Clickbank, Jvzoo, Amazon, Fiverr stores ; a graphic studio ; an autoresponder; a multi-commission system - This program provides hundreds of dollars in Free advertising at 18 high traffic sites. You can promote your affiliate links to 135,000 members and start getting conversions.

What I Dislike about worldprofit is sometimes it can get confusing when searching for a feature on the websites' menu. But there is always the live business center ( opens 24/7 ) and support ( which supports within 24 hours) to help you out with any technical issue.

The final verdict -

Worldprofit can help if you're interesting in growing a business, not just a business opportunity. Joining worldprofit for a free associate membership would benefit you whether you have an affiliate program or not. Plus as an added business incentive, you will get bonuses that will be a boost to your business.

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5.0 2022-08-02 4

Rich Coulter

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Last Update: 2022-09-04

My experience with the program so far

I have been a member of World Profit for several years and have nothing but praise for the system. As a newbie that was brand new to the online marketing world it allowed me to join the largest internet marketing system around for absolutely free. World Profit like all the rest has upgrades to enhance your learning process but you will be surprised at the amount of services at your fingertips for free.

What I Like

What I like most is the ability to target all of my marketing needs and apply several options to help my business grow on auto-pilot.

What I Dislike

One minor complaint, and in all fairness they have made great changes over the last couple of years, is that some of the ads and/or graphics are a little "dated". I can live with that seeing the return I get for this awesome system.

Final Verdict

My decision to join the World Profit system is one of the best choices I have made in my online marketing career. I have upgraded to a "Silver Membership" which opens up a large area of options but starting out as a free member will allow you to see if World Profit is a good fit for you.

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5.0 2022-09-04 3

Kerstin Frashier

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Last Update: 2024-02-09

My experience with the program so far

My updated review. I joined Worldprofit in 2022 using the free membership. The Silver membership is a great deal if you take the special offer from the live business center. I am now a Platinum VIP member and use all the perks coming with it.

George Kosch and his partner Sandi Hunter provide a lot of training. I am still not done learning. There are over 100 lessons, and live training is held every Friday with CEO George Kosch. All of the training is free!

I have lots of free advertising inside the program, including 24/7 live support. I can talk to a senior monitor and get help immediately if I have a question. The live business center has all volunteers. I recently went to the training and now help as a senior monitor.

Live support is helping me with my new affiliates and answers all their questions. Sometimes, they also close sales for me. That gives me time for training and advertising.

Support links are available on every side, including video help for every step. My support tickets are answered within hours. In other programs, I had to wait days or never ever got an answer.

Bootcamp training is the best training I ever received from anyone. I implemented what I learned. I now have over 1,475 prospects.

The best part is the live training every Friday morning with George Kosch. It helps my new affiliates to get an overview of Worldprofit. George Kosch also answers questions and shares something new for all affiliates. I have missed a Friday, all the training is recorded, and I can watch it later.

What I Like

Worldprofit is not a done-for-you business in a box. It will teach you what you must do in every business. I like to learn and can see results almost daily. I love to work from home.

What I Dislike

I love every part of the program.

Final Verdict

Honestly, if there was a 10-star program, I would award it to Worldprofit.

Kerstin Frashier

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George Kosch

1553 Followers   1 Review

Last Update: 2023-08-13

My experience with the program so far

In my journey with Worldprofit, I've encountered various dimensions of online marketing and entrepreneurship. To provide a comprehensive overview:

Initiation: On joining, the onboarding process was seamless. The user-interface was intuitive, making it easier to grasp the initial concepts.

Training: The platform offers myriad training materials. From webinars to tutorials, I felt adequately equipped to maneuver the world of online marketing.

Community: Engaging with other members provided insights beyond the platform's official material. Swapping experiences, pitfalls, and success stories with fellow users enriched my learning.

What I Like

Worldprofit has a myriad of attributes that cater to both novices and seasoned online marketers. My top favorites are:

Live Business Center: A real-time feature that allows for immediate interaction and consultation. It provides a sense of trust seeing actual people behind the system.

Variety of Tools: The diversity in tools caters to different marketing strategies, from email marketing to traffic generation tools.

Continuous Updates: In the dynamic world of digital marketing, Worldprofit ensures its users are equipped with the latest tools and strategies.

Affiliate Program: An added advantage that allows users to earn while they learn.

What I Dislike

No platform is without its shortcomings, and here are a few areas I believe Worldprofit could improve upon:

Information Overload: With an array of tools and resources, it can be overwhelming for beginners. A more streamlined, phased approach might help newbies.

Design Aesthetics: The user interface, though functional, can benefit from modern design upgrades, enhancing the overall user experience.

Sales Pressure: Some of the upsells can feel a bit aggressive. While they're beneficial, a more gentle approach to recommendations might be more user-friendly.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Worldprofit stands out as a holistic platform for budding online entrepreneurs. The diverse set of tools, paired with continuous learning opportunities, creates a conducive environment for growth. Like any other platform, it has its imperfections, but the pros significantly outweigh the cons.

My experience with Worldprofit has been a positive one. By leveraging the resources and community support, any dedicated individual can forge a successful path in online marketing. As with all tools and platforms, the key is consistent application, continuous learning, and adaptability.

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5.0 2023-08-13 3

Patraj Buels

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Last Update: 2023-10-25

My experience with the program so far

Worldprofit is a great company that offers a lot of value for online marketers. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can benefit from their training, tools, and resources. They have been in the industry since 1994, so they know what works and what doesn't. They also have a friendly and supportive community of members who are always willing to help each other.

One of the best features of Worldprofit is their free ad visitors program. You can get thousands of visitors to your website or offer every month, without spending a dime. This is a great way to generate traffic and leads for your business. You can also use their various reseller opportunities, webcasting, and SEO services to boost your online presence and income.

What I Like

I really Like the support I get at Worldprofit. They are very empathetic and personal

What I Dislike

There is so much to look at on the website sometimes I get lost

Then I found they have a way to change the look of the site which allows you to

see the items you want easier and more simplified

Final Verdict

I have been using these products for over 2 years and very satisfied with Worldprofit. They have saved me from a lot of headache and taught me more than the basics of online marketing I like the fact that Georg Kosch is a very candid person and he tell it like it is I recommend you check out all they have to offer lots of free stuff. That's all Folks!

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4.0 2023-10-25 3

Mark Miller

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Last Update: 2024-01-23

My experience with the program so far

Let me tell you about my experience with Worldprofit! The first thing one notices is the vast amount of content that is available in the program. Its a little overwhelming but you have to look at it like that expression "How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time". That's exactly how I felt about Worldprofit when I became a free associate in February 2023, and within just a few months, I realized the benefits of upgrading to a silver and then platinum membership.

What sets Worldprofit apart is its 30 years of online success. Yes, you heard that right, they've been around since the early days of the internet when it was still developing. That alone shows that this program is real, viable and probably a good choice for you. Before you jump in, realize that this is a long-term opportunity. It's unlikely that you will have instant success. You have to consistently work at it, follow the training and build a business over time. Those other programs that tell you that you will make big bucks overnight... Well that's just not true. Why? because if it was so easy everyone would be doing it and we would have no workers doing anything else in our world. So be cautious about investing your time or money in that type of "business opportunity" versus investing in a business. You will need to show up for your Worldprofit job, just like any other job, or you won't be employed for long.

I have learned through the Worldprofit training that most people are doing it wrong when it comes to promoting affiliate products and programs. Worldprofit teaches you the secret sauce: building a list first. Once you have a list, you can sell your products to them, and trust me, the results exciting.

Now, let's talk about the products. Worldprofit has a PLR product vault that houses over 500+ products. As a free associate, you have the ability to download and use these products. But here's the real gem: if you upgrade to a silver or platinum membership, you can not only download and use these products but also sell them and keep all the money! That's right, over 10,000 different ways for you to create a home income with Worldprofit.

You've probably heard the saying, "Promotion is the key to growing an online business. " Well, Worldprofit couldn't agree more. They have tons of resources to help you promote your business offers effectively. From numerous pre-designed landing pages embedded with your affiliate link to a landing page builder for upgraded members, they've got you covered. The even have add ChatGPT artificial intelligence (AI) in the form of AI consultants that you can interact with, brainstorm ideas, get ad copy written, get help in creating your own videos and wow... More.

So, if you're ready to start or to take your online business to new heights and unlock the true potential of affiliate marketing, I urge you to join Worldprofit. Trust me, it's the best decision I've made for my business, and I know it will be for yours too. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Take the plunge today and embrace the world of success that awaits you with Worldprofit. BTW... I am having fun doing it an learning so much too.

What I Like

The vast amount of different ways to market both your own products or services but also to promote Worldprofit and build a list of dealers that you have sponsored, and work with them to build their businesses. Now, you don't have to work with your downline because Worldprofit has established systems to "touch" and follow-up with prospects and those that have actually signed up as associates.

I also like the fact that there is both written and video training available for every Worldprofit resource. Depending on your learning style, the educational materials are there for you.

Plus there is a weekly live (and it's recorded for replay) training with the CEO George. I can tell you that there are some hidden gems in those weekly training sessions.

What I Dislike

Not too much to dislike. I think some of the videos could be updated but the content is still relevant.

Final Verdict

My advice for anyone wanting to try Worldprofit is "DO IT" You can sign up for free. As a free member you can advertise and even earn commissions so why not? Just take your time. Work through the training as they recommend. Don't jump around. Allocate some time each day or at least each week to Worldprofit and you will begin to see results. Again this is a business that you are running. Worldprofit is giving you the tools. You have to use the tools to become successful. I hope you try it out. Mark

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5.0 2024-01-23 3

Beverly Little

284 Followers   1 Review

Last Update: 2024-02-12

My experience with the program so far

Worldprofit has revolutionized my online business with its exceptional advertising platform. One of the standout features is its all-in-one nature, providing everything I need to effectively promote my business and minimize my total promotional costs. This has been a game-changer for me, allowing me to allocate my resources strategically and achieve remarkable results. What I truly appreciate about Worldprofit is how it inspires my marketing creativity. With its extensive suite of tools and resources, I have found myself overflowing with innovative ideas to reach and engage my target audience. From the comprehensive ad tracking system to the vast selection of customizable landing pages, Worldprofit empowers me to create captivating and impactful campaigns tailored to my niche.

What I Like

The robustness of Worldprofit's advertising platform is truly remarkable. It offers a wide range of advertising options, including social media promotion, banner ads, solo email blasts, and more. This versatility ensures that I can reach my audience through their preferred channels, maximizing the effectiveness of my promotional efforts. Finally the training and support is top-notch

What I Dislike

However, I must acknowledge that mastering the intricacies of the platform does require time and effort. The wealth of video training available can feel overwhelming at first, but it's a small price to pay considering the immense knowledge and skills that can be acquired. With patience and dedication, these video trainings proved to be invaluable in improving my marketing techniques and achieving sustained success.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Worldprofit has proven to be a treasure trove of resources for any marketer aiming to dominate their niche. Its robust advertising platform not only minimizes promotional costs but also fuels my marketing creativity, allowing me to continuously refine and improve my campaigns. While there is a learning curve to master the platform's video training, the benefits and capabilities Worldprofit provides more than justify the investment of time. I highly recommend Worldprofit to any entrepreneur looking to elevate their online business to new heights.

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5.0 2024-02-12 3

Ronald Lentz

665 Followers   6 Reviews

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Last Update: 2024-06-04

This is a testimonial about the Worldprofit Platinum VIP Upgrade, which I took earlier this week as part of the 23rd Birthday Offer. I took the best part of the month to make this decision, fully evaluating it and talking to my sponsor, a respected online advertiser who I have known for over 12 years.

He stated it was worth while in every respect and even though I didn't see the picture he was seeing because he was and still is a platinum VIP Member, I took the plunge. It has only been a few days now, and I still wonder why I took so long!

As my sponsor said, "When you put some skin in the game, it gives you an extra edge and makes you more motivated to do well.

What I Like:

I have been slaving away super early mornings until midnight and later for 11 years, and no results. Worldprofit got me paid results, and I signed up as a Paid Member, for the the Silver Package, using the Marketing Training, Worldprofit provides.

I also love the Solo Ads, and the Traffic Blasters. George Kosch, Sandi, Luther, Bobbi and just everyone from Worldprofit has made me feel welcome and right at home. There's no drama, game playing, lies, theory or negativity it's all real people, helping real people get results. This is a Business that helps you with Marketing and so much more.

My Website was pre built and ready to go. I took over and add unlimited Capture Pages, Autoresponders, Amazon Store and much more. No Limits means just that - No Limits

To be honest, with you, I really don't have anything that I dislike.

This system takes some time to learn as with anything else you do in life worth something. We have to give something to get something. Give your time to learn this program, which may be frustrating to some. I mean ask yourself, what in life isn't?

Contribute your time to learn and build a business that will last a lifetime. Also, learn from someone who has the experience, not some of the fly by night companies promoting online today.

I look forward in showing others how great the people in World Profit are and if I can do this anyone can and I will grow with you and no more shiny objects!

Ronald Lentz

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5.0 2024-06-04 3


24 Followers   8 Reviews

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Last Update: 2024-05-30

My experience with the program so far

My first impression when I first viewed the site was that it looked like just another company offering hype, but not value. Boy, was I wrong! I've been using their numerous free services for several months now.

What I Like

Many of the services, including your own website are free to use... Joining is also free.

The total number of services is far beyond the scope of a review like this. After using much of the free services, I could see the tremendous value in not only joining, but in exploring the silver and vip upgrades. Then my business started to explode. I was used to getting two or three valid and useable leads a day, and suddenly I'm getting around 20 each day. The best part is that when I follow up on the leads, they're actually interested in my offers. What a change!

Plus, the website they provide is awesome. I got to choose a template that I love from a list of over a dozen. On top of that the template is totally adjustable so I can add features and links that I want to promote in addition to WorldProfit. How many companies let you do that once you join their program?

Are classified ads your thing? They'll even let you ad a section of classifieds to your website. You can post free classifieds to literally thousands of places through your webpage... Or you can post through mine at

And of course, they invite you to promote But you don't have to... On the beautiful website template they provide. In my view that's a sign that they are a true service encouraging networkers and affiliates to promote their favorite business sites in a respectful manner. WorldProfit could become my chief income provider, so maybe I'll submit an update later.

What I Dislike

If there's a negative side to, it's that it has too much information and too many services. Newbies and those looking for a free ride/get rich quick work from home opportunity will soon be overwhelemed. I spent several weeks just learning what's on the site. But that's probably not negative if you're willing to dive in and learn to be successful online. If that's too good to be true, you will just have to take a look for yourself. But as a network/affiliate marketer, what I truly dislike is that anyone can join just by going to the company webpage... No credit is given to whoever referred you when you join on the company page. The flip side of that though is that George Kosch and company are truly providing a service to our indsutry.

Final Verdict

Whether you're a newbie to online marketing or a 30-year veteran experienced in CSS, RSS and code snippets, there's something for you at And in case the link provided elsewhere in this review is not working, here's where you can sign up. Join me, won't you? Let's change the world for the better.

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5.0 2024-05-30 3

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